Bears Can’t Drift!? Can They?

I remember the first time I played a kart racer, huddled around a small CRT TV, three friends and I would sink countless hours into Mario Kart – a newly founded concept of the racing game genre. Throughout the years I developed a strong fondness for kart racing games, from playing the likes of Crash Team Racing, Modnation Racers and the Mario Kart series. I adore retro karting action, however, it seemed like this was something that the PS4 lacked.


Bears Can’t Drift!? is scratching the kart racer itch that I’ve had for over half a decade.

I began to do a little digging, in the hope of finding a kart racer that would invoke the same feeling I had when playing those that share a special place in my heart. I stumbled across an article, on the Unreal Engine forums, written by Arran Langmead. After watching the attached videos within the thread and reading through the features of the game, I quickly became enamoured with Bears Can’t Drift!? – A kart racer being developed by Strangely Named Studio.

The project started as a small Unity made game for the OUYA, developed by a team of two. With a few unfortunate twists and turns, Arran single-handedly steered the ship in a different direction and chose to target Steam and PS4, instead of the OUYA platform. Starting from scratch he made the switch from Unity to Unreal and began utilising Unreal Engine 4’s Blueprint system.


I think I’ve found my favourite racer already.

Although the game was made primarily by Arran, seven months into development two new members joined the team. Adam Barton became a business partner and co-developer on Bears Can’t Drift!? with Rachel Simpson working alongside both, as a freelance composer and sound designer.

You can clearly tell that Arran has matured with the same undying love for kart racers that so many of us hold dearly. Taking inspiration from unforgettable classics of the early Nintendo and PlayStation era. Bears Can’t Drift!? features an open hub world to explore while also replacing the traditional menu system.


A beautifully sculpted array of colours makes up this stunning oriental themed enviroment.

Players are able to drive through whatever hub they desire to gain admittance to three uniquely themed worlds, each hosting up to twelve playable tracks. Players can dual among other racers by using and combining power-ups to cause frantic mayhem throughout the course. In order to gain access to more challenging difficulty levels, you will need to prove you’re worthy enough by completing a specific task – such as making a challenging jump after drifting around a dangerously narrow pathway rather than just selecting it from a menu.


A mountainous, woodland area allows for the grizzlies to drift free in their natural habitat.

The artistic flair and prodigious sound design, that first attracted me to the game, were distinctly reminiscent of my childhood, each aspect of the game creating a sense of nostalgia. Worlds seem full of character in terms of visual design and sound, possibly one of the most admiring features is the inclusion of four-player, offline split screen.

It’s very rare these days that games cater for the offline players, as more tend to focus on the online portion of the game. Rekindling with old friends in this couch, co-op, kart racer will definitely be on the agenda later this summer. Bears Can’t Drift!? is certainly worth keeping an eye on.

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The Evolution of Video Games at ‘Game On 2.0’

Last week I was given the opportunity to attend the opening night of the ‘Game On 2.0’ exhibition at the Life Centre, Newcastle. This exhibition showcases the biggest collection of playable computer games in the world and I was delighted to be attending, courtesy of Komodo – my place of work. 2015-05-22 17.05.58

The entrance to the Life Centre, Newcastle welcomed by Super Mario and the Game On 2.0 event.

This major international exhibition appeals to all ages. The place was stacked full of playable games, some from before my time; with classics such as Pong, Asteroids and Space Invaders dating all the way to the modern titles we see today, such as Minecraft, Smash Bros and VR titles. The event catered for everyone – literally. We were greeted with lots of waiters dressed head to toe in Super Mario attire, they served a variety of food and drinks, which I happily took advantage of – It was a shame not to see Luigi anywhere though.

2015-05-22 17.15.16

Complimentary food and drinks were served at the event. You can’t go wrong with Fish & Chips and a good beer.

Although the event started at 5pm, we waited in the main foyer of the life centre where there were a few smaller exhibitions unrelated to the event. We weren’t able to attend the event right away and were instead subjected to an array of quite lengthy talks and speeches from those who had hosted the night.

Which was fair enough, but considering mostly everyone was waiting to get in and play some games, I felt as though these could have been kept brief, as opposed to the 40+ minutes they went on for. The night it’s self only ran for 2 hours and most of that was held up by talks. Coming from a gamer and probably speaking for many others, all I wanted to do was jump in!

Once we finally got through the doors we were greeted by a game that many would say started it all – PONG. Although the original cabinet wasn’t playable, we were linked up with original controls and a playable game on the big screen. My competitive nature was straight away revealed and I challenged one of my colleagues, Paul, for a game.

2015-05-22 17.45.46

PONG was one of the games I really wanted to play – having never played it before. It was a barrel of laughs and I can see how it become beloved among many.

The controls were very unresponsive and hard to get used to, as they were basically just dials, which resulted in the paddle on screen moving when you turned it. But what else would you expect from a game that was released in 1972. As soon as the game kicked off the pixels started to increase speed from either side of the screen. I was already in a fit of laughs at how competitive me and my opponent became.

I instantly forget about how old it was, the controls, lacklustre graphics and instead became engrossed in the competitive game play. It was a very close game, with the score going back and forth throughout, resembling the game play itself. In the end I came back from an 8 point gap to win the game (which I was delighted about and proceeded to make sure Paul knew about it).

I can see how a lot of people found so much fun in such a simple form of entertainment. It’s not really about how good the game looks or plays, but how people react to it and what they get out of it.

2015-05-22 17.50.37

A few arcades from around the early 70’s.

From the pong machine there were various other consoles from around that same generation, some which weren’t playable, such as a look into what those from the 70s thought what arcades might look like in the future.

As I looked along the horizon of flashing neon lights coming from the arcade cabinets my eyes caught one in particular – Space Invaders, which had an Asteroids cab sat parallel to it. I was definitely up for both and had never played the games in their original cabinets before. It was certainly an experience and I would love one for home use.

2015-05-22 18.07.26

Standing in line to play the original Space Invaders cabinet. Absolutely love this game.

The next bout between Paul and I was on Mario Kart 64. I’d like to think of myself to be quite the veteran Mario Kart player, having played everyone bar this one. As we both struggled with controls we didn’t get off to the best start, but Paul was soon eating my dust and I took an easy point to make the tally 2-0.

Looks like Paul was going to have to step his game up. I then went on to view a series of older consoles, playing the likes of Castlevania as well as Pitfall on the Atari 2600. It was amazing to get a feel for some of the consoles that basically built the foundations of what we have today.

2015-05-22 17.51.40

There were tons of old consoles and game I’d never experienced before.

Paul eyed Dead or Alive on the original Xbox and we were quick to get it underway. I’d never played a DOA game and had never owned the original Xbox, so I was the underdog for this battle. Paul quickly made sure of that and before I could even get a punch in he’d made it 2-1. As soon as we’d played that I had to find a fighting game In which I’d be able to match or beat him. I spotted Street Fighter 2 and the challenge began.

2015-05-22 18.15.47

Street Fighter 2 – It was a shame they never had an original cabinet. But still great to play this after so many years.

I took the first game to make it 3-1, by using Honda, the match was extremely close. I like to think I fair as quite a good Street Fighter player but just couldn’t seem to deal with the pressure of the competition. I used Ken and folded almost instantly, bad idea. I couldn’t even execute the simplest of Hadoken’s (I blame the fight stick) I was trashed by Blanka and Paul drew a point back – 3-2.

2015-05-22 18.13.10

I’d love to add the Atari 2600 to my console collection. All of the consoles were displayed extremely well throughout the exhibition. 

It was a great idea to show off museum type collections of all consoles past and present. I particularly enjoyed the handheld console section that has been displayed. I’d started my handheld gaming on the original Gameboy, which held a lot of good memories for me, playing the likes of Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda and Pokemon.

2015-05-22 18.19.42

A showcase of different handheld consoles from throughout the ages.

There was also a section that showcased Artwork and Concepts Art from classics such as Jak & Daxter, Lara Croft and Uncharted. This was accompanied with memorabilia from these games, some pieces being very rare.

2015-05-22 18.17.46

Concept Art was featured throughout the exhibition and it was great to see what characters looked like before the ones we know and love today.

There was also a children’s section, it was great to see the younger generation being able to experience games that I played when I was their age. With games such as Animal Crossing, which is probably one of the best games for a child to start on. I have many fond memories sinking countless hours into that series, something that I still often do on the 3DS.

2015-05-22 18.19.05

It was great to see newcomers interacting with classics new and hold.

I then eyed a gamecube, four controllers were laid upon the table, the game running was Super Smash Bros. The amount of hours I’ve played Smash as Kirby is no ones business. I was quick to challenge Paul and a few other colleagues of mine to a game. With five stocks each I was tactfully watching, waiting for the right moment to pounce.

I love how fast and intense Smash is. It’s a right laugh and if you’ve never played the game before I highly recommend it. The fight was chaotic, hectic, like any other smash game. It’s amazing to see how well the Gamecube version still holds up.

Four stocks quickly turned into two and I had the advantage over Paul with one stock up on him. I bided my time, struck at the right moment and made it 4-2 with ease. By this stage Paul new he was beaten, seeing as as though the as the night was closing to an end. Poor Paul.

2015-05-22 18.36.12

Super StarDust HD in 3D on the PS4.

We still had time for a few other games. As I’d never played a game in 3D before, it was great to get to experience that with a Super Stardust 3D on the PS4. This game was a brilliant example of how 3D can work in certain games. It added to the experience, with asteroids shooting out towards me and explosions taking on a whole new dimension.

2015-05-22 18.30.25

There was a fantastic selection of Arcade cabinets on offer.

I was so pleased to see the Oculus Rift at the event. I first experienced this in 2014 at EGX. I was blown away once again, I’m usually not one for “gimmicks”, I like my old school ways – Couch, controller and TV. To me though VR is not a gimmick, if you ever have a chance to experience Virtual Reality as part of the Oculus Rift then please do – you won’t be disappointed.

2015-05-22 18.38.42

Donkey Kong was definitely one of favourites I played throughout the night.

As the night was quickly approaching 7:00pm the doors were about to close, what better way to end the night than to play an arcade cabinet that I can only dream of owning – Donkey Kong. It was brilliant to experience this game for the first time. The colours just looked fantastic and the game play was totally addictive. I can see why this machine swallowed up countless amounts of loose change back in its day.

2015-05-22 19.00.56

Destroying the Death Star. A great way to end the night.

With five minutes to kill I played a game I’d never seen before, this was a Star Wars cabinet. With the bright, green, neon lines flashing about on screen, I piloted an X-wing through space, destroying TIE Fighters – before descending onto the Death Star to give that final last shot.

With my team of colleagues stood behind me, giving off that true arcade atmosphere and on the clock before the exhibition closed, what better way to end the night than to destroy the Death Star!

All round I had an absolute blast. Sure the pictures aren’t the best, Hopefully an investment in a camera isn’t far off, but I can’t recommend the event enough, especially if you live in, or are travelling to the area soon. The event is open to the public now and runs until 1st November 2015. For more information – Visit Life Centre, Newcastle Game On 2.0 Exhibition.

/ CR

What I’d love to see NeXt from Nintendo

It seems the life of the Wii U has been short and not so sweet for Nintendo. Less than two and a half year into its life and plans for a new console have already been revealed. It doesn’t really say a lot for Nintendo, chucking the towel in already, with not very many upcoming titles announced and word of a new home console already on the horizon. I think it’s fair to say I’d feel a little disappointed if I’d just bought a Wii U. But who can blame them for not wanting to stay on a sinking ship?

They’ve thrown a lot of heavy hitters at it recently to try and keep the console a float. Games such as Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart 8, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD and more couldn’t give the Wii U the sales that were desired. Yet the console still suffers massively and has one of the least appealing line-ups on a Nintendo console to date.

super smash bros wii u review screen

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U offered the best smash game since Melee, but could have reached a bigger audience if the console had sold more.

Now I’ve owned every Nintendo console since the SNES. I was brought up on Nintendo, if it wasn’t for them I probably wouldn’t have gotten into gaming. I was greatly drawn to each home console and handheld system they released, and then came the Wii. Don’t get me wrong the Wii was fantastic console and Nintendo always seem to lead the way with innovation, it seemed to open up the medium of video games for many, allowing them to edge more and more into the mainstream. For me it just wasn’t the type of console I wanted. Compared to the likes of the Gamecube, N64, SNES and NES – the Wii just didn’t seem to stack up.


The Gamecube holds so many fantastic gaming memories for me.

Wii U wasn’t much better either, the gamepad controller seemed clunky and unneeded, although it may have been useful to some players, I just simply preferred the generic controller, so much so as soon as I bought a Wii U I instantly picked up the pro controller to go along with it. This is something I wish the console had shipped with in the first place.

The launch line up wasn’t much better either, from the start it looked like Wii U was going to continue to get the third party titles it needed. Fast-forward two year and the momentum from the Wii, which the Wii U was riding on, had seemed to greatly diminish. Third party support became a distant memory and the total lack of games made the Wii U an undesirable purchase for many.


The Wii U launch games lacked any hard hitters, something that the 3DS also shared but thankfully recovered from.

I still have my Wii U but it doesn’t get half as much of a look in compared to my other consoles, it saddens me to be honest, I remember when I played nothing but Nintendo. Nowadays if they want to grab the attention of the average gamer there’s a lot of changes that need to be made. There’s so much the console doesn’t offer compared to its competitors, but there’s nothing I’d love more than to see Nintendo make a huge comeback!

With the announcement of the NX it got me thinking, what would I love to see in their next home console? Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has already said that a new control method is already in the works for the NX, offering a “brand new concept”. The name is something that got me thinking as soon as it was announced; NX sounds more mature, gritty, sharp and powerful compared to the likes of the Wii and Wii U – it doesn’t seem as out of place when lining it up with the naming conventions of the N64 or Gamecube.


The New 3DS is one of the weirdest named consoles I’ve ever heard which seems like an unneeded improvement, maybe something to help Nintendo sell more.. along with Amiibos.

To me the NX holds another meaning, rather than thinking of the X spelt ‘ex’ I see it more as ‘cross’, insinuating cross platform, cross device. If Nintendo could some how combine the popularity of it’s handheld consoles and incorporate that into their home console then could that be something that creates vast popularity for both? The Nintendo 3DS seems to stand on a platform that can’t be matched by any other. Also with the introduction of Nintendo ‘s plans to create content for mobile then a home console that can some how combine (or cross) all these platforms together doesn’t seem like a bad idea.

Now before I start ranting and raving about what I’d like to see next I’d just like to say I’m no console or marketing expert, I don’t have all the answers, this is all just my own personal opinion and ideas I’d like to see implemented. First of all, I’d like to see a console that harnesses the same power as it’s competitors, running in 1080p and holding the same frame rate and power of those that it stands amongst it. Seeing the likes of Wind Waker and MK8 in HD was a beautiful site. More power and even better graphic capabilities could do no harm for Nintendo.


Games such as Wind Waker and Mario Kart 8 looked simply stunning in HD.

Another main feature that has been a struggling factor for Nintendo is third party support. Nintendo just HAS to be able to provide support for third parties if it’s to compete with other consoles. I’m not wanting it to copy exactly what the other consoles offer, but to compete, Nintendo should be able to offer the likes of popular franchises to consumers of their console – games such as GTA, Fallout, Call of Duty, Fifa, Destiny, Minecraft etc.

None of these games would have ever been possible on the Wii U, not just due to the consoles lack of power but because of the lack of support. If Nintendo could create a console powerful enough to harness games of this calibre as well as catering for it’s vast catalogue of Nintendo classics then it would have some of the richest array of games to offer.

On the back of that feature it’d be good to see a reworked identity and online system finally be implemented into Nintendo consoles, an actual profile for my Mii, similar to how avatars are used on Xbox, more customisation options and adding an identity that can be used over all systems, rather than using friend codes to interact with one another. I’d like to see an achievement system that actually offers the user something as opposed to Xbox Achievements and PS Trophies.


Taking away Club Nintendo seemed like a somewhat odd decision, I’d love to see it make it’s valiant return offering many more features when the new console arrives.

Bring back a reworked Club Nintendo, something that offers the user a set amount of stars for completing a game rather than offering it to them on a plate, then allow the user to spend those stars on DLC for the game, costumes, new characters, game modes etc. Similar to the achievement system on Xbox, and having your stars total up but also being able to buy themes, avatar clothing for your Mii, allow the user to work for their stars and offer better incentives to play for them, rather than receiving them straight out of the box. This is something I’ve always wanted to see in video games, some sort of incentive for finishing your games or putting as much time into them as possible.


The community aspect within Nintendo has always lacked any real foundations or structure. I think it’s something that has the potential to do much more, an area that could do with a needed makeover.

I’d like to see more emphasis on local co-op as well as a better online community aspect, it’d be great to find out more about what my friends were playing, what achievements they’d accomplished etc. Make it easier to drop into each other’s games, have a new re-worked controller that took note from the ergonomics of the Gamecube pad, a collection of games that catered for all audiences – young and old.

How about a strong launch line up? hell I’d even keep The upcoming Legend of Zelda for the NX rather than releasing it for Wii U. Releasing it alongside a new Mario game, Animal Crossing, Star Fox, FZero, Metroid a line up that was just to good to turn away from. I’d also like to see some new IP from Nintendo, Splatoon seems like it has the potential there to be an interesting contender, as much as I love the likes of Mario and company, when will it end? Surely it can’t go on forever, can it?


Splatoon has the potential to be a great new IP for Nintendo, lets hope no rash decisions are made before release.

There are so many more features I’d add, but I could go on forever. By combining all these with the cross plat forming aspect mentioned earlier I don’t see how this couldn’t be a new introduction of a console that can cater for all gamers. I’d go in the opposite direction of having a media console and focus more on the games.

Offering the likes of Netflix, blu-ray players are great features to implement but the sole purpose of buying a console is usually always to play games, something I think some companies often forget. There’s nothing I’d like more than to see Nintendo back on top and here’s to hoping they can get everything right this time… as opposed to the majority wrong.

Why is there so much pressure on Sean Murray to define what No Man’s Sky actually is?

Hello games are a small, independent, video-games company based in Guilford, England. Right now they’re more than likely functioning on strong coffee and using enough fuel to burn away that midnight oil for weeks to come, while they continue work on their new and upcoming game – No Man’s Sky.

My connection with Hello Games all started around five years ago when Joe Danger was released on PSN. A big fan of the art style and feeling the reminiscence of excite bike shining through, I decided to go ahead and download it. The gameplay was solid, the art style was beautiful and it was even better when played with friends.


Different ships are available and you can find resources to upgrade them

Fast-forward about three years later and No Man’s Sky was on the horizon of announcement. Our eyes were left to feast on the procedural universe shown in the reveal trailer released on their YouTube channel. I was drawn in by the art-style almost instantly, sheer beauty was showcased in a universal way among so many unique planets, but the main thing I was drawn to was the initial quote the game provided throughout the video.

Every planet procedural. Every planet unique. Every planet unexplored

Murray stated “Impressively, every atom is said to be procedurally generated in No Man’s Sky, from the meteors flying through space to the underwater plants found on the planets, all of it undiscovered and waiting for you to pop on over and have a look around. There will be hostile forces acting against you at times, though; that much, we can see a brief glimpse of.” You embark on your galactic journey aboard your own spaceship on the edge of the universe, with the plan on migrating to the centre. Every planet you see, you can navigate towards. Arriving upon the terrain you are then able to explore and traverse that landscape.


You could mine for resources, discover the inhabitants, or submerge yourself below the depths of any lakes or oceans that may lie upon the surface – revealing any life that may exist beneath. If you see a star in the distance you can zoom off towards that, eventually revealing a new unexplored solar system. This isn’t similar to how in Destiny or Ratchet & Clank you choose your planet and instantly fast travel there (although this will be possible). The main thing is to explore and discover the universe at your own pace.


You will find other creatures roaming the unexplored planets you discover.

The game itself is so big that trying to see everything in No Man’s Sky would actually take you over five billion years in real life, one hell of a platinum trophy then, hey? No Mans Sky has had the gaming industry on the edge of their seats ever since these gigantic claims surfaced. But one question that people just can’t seem to stop asking is “What do you actually do in No Man’s Sky?” Something Sean Murray is very reluctant to reveal so easily.

There’s the answer I want to give, and then there’s the one I can’t really say

From the articles I’ve read and the research I’ve done, Murray doesn’t want to put a stamp on the game and personally I don’t want to see one either. I feel that No Man’s Sky is a game that falls in the category of something I like to call a non-genre game. These include the likes of Minecraft, Day Z, Rust, and Journey. All of these games have one thing in common, none of them were initially explained before they released and nearly all of them were extremely popular or won awards in some way.

None of these titles were stamped as a certain kind of ‘genre’ or ‘game’ and yet so many people played and still cherish these games to this day. So why now do we need to brand ‘NMS’ and categorize it in a genre we can further apprehend? Why are we so desperate as gamers to label something we don’t understand, why not just let it be?


I don’t know if it’s something to do with a newer generation or just because I’m getting old, but when I was younger all we had to go off to whether we’d purchase a game, or not, was the screenshots on the back of the cover in your local game retailer/rental shop or a sparse collection of screen shots in your favourite monthly video game magazine – remember those days?

The game itself is so big that trying to see everything in No Man’s sky would actually take you over five billion years in real life

These days we are overloaded with so much information surrounding new games that when we play them we know almost everything about them – how long the game may last, the main protagonists, backgrounds, gameplay mechanics, characters, story plot elements and what the game may consist of entirely. What’s the harm in going into a new experience blind? why do we need to know every little detail of something before we become part of it? The whole point of the games I labeled above was to go at your own pace, create your own adventure and I personally feel the same way about No Man’s Sky.


It feels like there’s so much pressure on the back of Sean Murray and the cast of Hello Games to actually explain everything we do in the game. Personally I have chosen to put myself on blackout for the title, avoiding any news or information that might spoil the demeanor of how I approach it. If only people can have faith and give the guys at Hello Games a chance and just actually experience the game first hand, rather than wanting to go in equipped with a catalogue of knowledge explaining every minute detail.

A big part of me wishes this game didn’t have so much hype behind it, not for one minute do I think Hello Games don’t deserve it, but I’d like to have seen how people may approach it if it was to come out in a similar way to how Minecraft did. You don’t want to bleed a game dry of information before hand or the experience is then left stale. Sometimes it’s good to just take that step into the unknown, take that leap of faith into the darkness and you may find it to be something that could change your life and your own journey forever, and not just within Video games.


You can dog fight with other ships, human or AI in outer-space

What would be the point in life if we already knew what was going to happen before we did it, that’s what makes it interesting, we make the journey on our own. Why can’t people let video games share a similar experience? Just try it for once. I can assure you the experience will be better than going in already knowing the majority of information that you’re used to.


It seems like to hook people in and keep them seated these days you need some sort of narrative, gameplay hook or end goal for people to complete. Without that people just seem to lose their minds and become put off by what a game is – whether that be because they lack creativity or not used to the cliche of modern gaming. But that’s something that needs to change.

/ CR

My Most Anticipated Games of 2015

Well it seems that this year is set to be a brilliant one for Video games. A lot of fantastic titles are set to release within the next twelve months and I can’t remember the last time I was this excited about some many new and upcoming releases. So without further ado I’d like to list my most anticipated titles of 2015.

Due to there been so many games I’m going to pick my top five rather than try to list every one. Again this has seemed harder than I first thought due to the sheer number on my wish list for this year. As of now some of the games in my list may have been more anticipated than others at one point, but at this current date, my most wanted is as these top five stand

I don’t want to go into too much details about the games themselves, if you’re looking for info on them it’s probably best to read up on them after reading this blog. This is just my thoughts and reasons why they are MY most anticipated of the year. Hopefully I can keep it short and sweet.. (or not).


#5  Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Ahh, Uncharted 4, back to the life of Nathan Drake. Uncharted: Drake Fortune was one of the best games I’ve ever played and got even better in Uncharted 2. The flow and of the story as well as the game its self is down right fun, the adventures you get sent on are always unforgettable and the action feels non stop. The pace of the games are incredible, it never seems to feel stale or boring, tying in puzzle segments and cinematic story events with cornered down dog fights. So another Uncharted title is always going to be on my list.

I love what I’ve seen of it so far and Drake and the game itself seem to take on a much darker and less humorous role as Drake takes on, more than likely his last adventure. I think this is a great turn for the series and hopefully we do see Drake take on a much more sinister role as opposed to his goofy persona shown in previous titles.


#4  Tom Clancy’s: The Division

When this game was shown during Ubisoft’s E3 2013 press conference, it instantly became my most anticipated title on the next generation consoles. Since then a few more titles have taken my fancy and not much more has been shown about The Division, but it’s sure to shoot right back up my list once hype starts building again.

Traversing a disease ridden run down New York City with all of my friends in the open world third-person shooter, going against other teams of people playing online, really appeals to me. I can’t wait to see how this role-playing survival MMOG pans out. Hopefully it’s what I’m expecting and have envisioned in my mind. I’d like to see them put a lot of focus into the survival element of the game.

Having to scavenge for food, medical supplies, ammo etc. is something I’d like to see featured hugely in the game. If you were running around like a force to be reckoned with then what would the point of the survival element be? If I have to get through a bullet riddled war zone full of nasty surprises for a half an eaten chicken bone, just to keep my health up.. then please, sign me up. Fingers crossed Ubisoft execute this in an appealing way.


#3  No Mans Sky

I’ve followed Hello Games since the start of the company back in 2009. I absolutely loved Joe Danger, the art style being somewhat of the main thing that drew me in. And since the first showing of No Man’s Sky the games industry were left picking their jaws off the ground, what’s not to love about the procedurally generated open universe that Sean Murray and the team are in the process of creating. The Art direction again is something that has just left me blown away.

Seeing a planet sat on the edge of the horizon and knowing you can jump in your spaceship and head straight for it, explore it and find what hidden wonder it may hold all at my own pace. Potentially has the biggest world/universe to ever appear in a game, but also holding similarities to Journey – in the sense that you don’t really know what to expect and the beautiful environments in the game. This is what games should be about, creating something new and exciting rather than regurgitating the same thing every year *cough* COD *cough*.


Discover all sorts of different creatures and planets

I love the imagination and creativity that Murray oozes, when listening to him speak in interviews you can see the passion he holds for this title. With players being free to explore and upgrade their character and it’s starship in a never-ending universe that begs to be explored how could you turn up your nose at this one.


#2  Star Wars: Battlefront

The nostalgia feels in this one is what shoots this right into the top-tier of my list. The Battlefront series is something that is very dear to me. I have a lot of very fond memories of playing hours on end with friends over local co-op against a series of bots. In them days, when online multiplayer was very rarely heard of that’s all you had. Personally I never had the chance to connect my PS2 to the internet and neither did I have any friends who’d done so either, so this was the best you could get and boy was it great!

It’s had a bumpy ride so far. After seeing the game being rumoured for years, it was finally announced before the door was slammed shut on any info once again. Then rumours came about that it’d be an MMO, then again another change of design and now it’s in DICE’s hands, personally, I think, looking better than ever after seeing the current in game engine being shown in the video below.

Early in game engine footage of BF:III

I really hope that the guys at DICE take their time with this latest instalment. I really do hope it’s not just a re-skin of battlefield with a star wars paint job. I’d love nothing more than to relive those infamous battles I had with my friends way back when, but this time at 1080p, at hopefully a locked 60fps and all online… *Begins to Drool*.


#1  Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

It seems that Hideo Kojima may have done it again. Now I don’t know if this is due to the nostalgic feels or down to the love I have for the Metal Gear Solid series and the legend that is Hideo Kojima but The Phantom Pain has had me hooked since seeing that breathtaking open world gameplay at E3 2013. Personally I think Metal Gear Solid is like a fine wine, it just gets better with age. Going from a side scroller, Metal Gear, to a living, breathing open world in MGS V. The story in itself is one of the best I’ve ever been part of and I always love finding out more about the characters and story of Metal Gear.

The Phantom Pain gameplay demo – Breathtaking. 

Ground Zeros just wet my appetite even more, I’ve sunk so many hours into that game and Kojima promises that The Phantom Pain will be 200 times bigger than GZ’s. Each time more information or a new trailer is shown I can’t explain the feeling it gives me. The latest trailer showcasing Metal Gear Online also seems to give the game even more of a reason to pick up.


Choose the way you want to play – All guns blazing or stick to the shadows.

I think if you haven’t even delved into the series, firstly where on earth have you been hiding? secondly, do not miss this game! It starts earlier in the timeline so don’t worry about knowing too much of the story. The MGS series is something that you can play over and over at any part of the story and still find out new things you missed first time round.

So, that’s my most anticipated list of 2015. It was a tight one and may even change depending on what this year brings. A few titles that didn’t make the list but I still can’t wait for are The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Blood borne, Rainbow: Siege, Ratchet & Clank, The Elder Scrolls online, The Order: 1886, Evolve, Dying Light, Dead Island 2, Batman: Arkham Knight, Tearaway and many more. I really could be here all day. 2015 really is shaping up to be an amazing one.

/ CR

A new year, a new chapter, a new saved game.

I suppose I best introduce myself, I go by the name ‘CreativeRhino’ and this is the start of my new blog. So, another place where someone talks about video games. Just like the thousands of others that do it. So why should you use your precious time to sift through my blog posts? why am I the special one? The truth in the matter is, I’m not someone who thinks they are. Here at ‘WhatRhinoSaid’ isn’t somewhere that will spurt out the same old rubbish you may see everywhere else.

You won’t be seeing the 2,449,254th rendition of ‘Minecraft: Lets play part one’. No.. This blog is for myself, it’s views, points and opinions are of my own. I’m not here to do what every other tom, dick and harry is doing. Because what would be the point in that?

I love video games as much as the next man.. woman.. or thumb wielding, nocturnal, pixel junkie. I want somewhere to share my experiences, something to look back on in years to come and think wow I remember those times. Like a virtual diary of gaming nostalgia. I want it to be somewhere to talk about these points with people who may share similar views, whether they agree or not.

I want to use it as a pedestal to lavish the games I love.. and those I don’t. I want to share my view on the industry, my nostalgic throwbacks to the old days and what the future may hold for video games and throughout it all I want you to listen, experience and share it all with me.

So here’s how I want to start. The new year is here, 2015 is already upon us and a week of it has gone already. I have a lot of big plans for this year and one of them is to game my rear end off. The dexterity within my thumbs and fingers has not been taken advantage of as much as I’d of liked it to have been and my mind lacks the wondrous adventures it so desires.

The last year was a great one for me, I got the job I’d always wanted, lost weight, built up a portfolio of work through it all I’ve had such a supportive family, friends and girlfriend by my side but throughout the last year I’ve not found as much time as I would of liked for gaming due to this busy schedule.

We’ve seen a few big game delays in 2014 meaning the year ahead proves to be an even greater one for Video games. So this year I’d like to list a few game related resolutions I’d like to stick too, hoping by the time 2016 comes I’ve stuck to or completed all of them. Firstly..

Complete more games: I tend to pick up a lot of games at once and depending on how much I’m into them I’ll play continuously for days on end and then after a few days/weeks, depending on what life is throwing at me or if Ive picked up a new game, the old ones tends to get left in the past and I usually don’t get round to going back to them. This annoys me personally. I look at my shelf full of games stacked with titles I’ve barely even touched upon and think why do I bother buying new games without first completeing the old ones . Completing those games is something that needs to start this year, Which brings me to my next point.

Stop buying games I don’t need: I have a seriously bad habit of buying games and then just not playing them, due to either already having to many im already working on or not enough time to play them all now i don’t mean not playing as in; do a few missions, spend a few hours completeing various tasks in the game then never going back to it. No, I mean not playing them at all – the bloody shrink wrap doesn’t even come off! As of now i have thirteen games sat on my shelf which still remain in that shiny cellophane.. Thirteen!! And I’ve not touched them since I walked out the shop with them. Hopefully 2015 will put a stop to that.

Focus on my Most wanted List: Now this in a way contradicts my last two points. If I’m to keep up with the latest games, but have to stop buying them how will I experience them? Now I usually make the mistake of buying so many games in one go I just play bits of each and can’t keep up with them all. Other games come out, news releases hereand there and I just fall behind in the whirlwind of those virtual worlds and never get to finish any. So this year I want to just focus on my most wanted titles which will be covered in another post.

Clear my Backlog: probably one of the most dreaded words for any gamer to hear… Just glimpsing at the backlog I have in front of me sends shivers down my spine. So many games, so little time. Sometimes I feel like creating a cut off point, turning my back on all of it and starting afresh. But something makes me stick at those that already remain in my collection. Don’t get me wrong this may sound like I’m making it out to be a chore rather than something that’s fun. It’s not, but when you know that all the games will take hours and hours to complete, taking up time you could spend catching up with current releases it makes me quiver.

Stop becoming so hung up on Trophies: Ahh trophies, those virtual dings we hear when completing various tasks throughout a game, those shiny pieces of pixlated silverware that I long for along like so many others. Some may not care, others obsess over them. Well now If a game has a trophy list that may seem off putting, who cares. The time is hear to stop worrying about these sometimes mundane tasks and to start enjoying the game for what it is.

So there it is, a little intro to myself and some motive to continue into the new year itself. Hope everyone has had a great start and here’s to making 2015 a great one!

/ CR