EGX 2015 | My weekend at Eurogamer

Well, EGX was an absolute blast! I decided to put together a compilation video of all of the footage I managed to capture at this years Eurogamer. I attended the weekend in full and documented each day in a diary entry style article, which you may have seen crop up on the blog last weekend.

This video is just a little something extra, it showcases exactly what I got up to on each day, except it’s all rolled into one handy video. Hopefully, from this you can get an insight into what the expo is really like. If you’re a serious gamer and live in the UK, then I strongly advise attending next years event.

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I will be putting up my hands on impressions video with Star Wars Battlefront tomorrow as well as The Division and PlayStation VR later in the week. So subscribe and don’t miss out

/ CR