War… War Never Changes.

Wednesday just didn’t seem real to me. When the announcement was made and the count down released I completely lost it. It was finally happening. I’d waited so long for this, and what a trailer it was as well! We were totally spoilt. I honestly thought we would have gotten an image of the logo and maybe a slow pan of that at most – Boy was I wrong. I think I kept my browser open for the majority of the countdown. This was a great move I thought, allowing the hype to build and expectation rise. Which totally paid off when the trailer dropped.

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 14.03.28

Literally just over an hour into the countdown and I couldn’t contain my excitement.

I appreciated the honesty of the reveal, because this is the way the final game is going to look, they could have shown us a high rendered trailer that wouldn’t of been anywhere near the likes of what we were going to get in the final release – similar to what a lot of games have done in the last year or so, resulting in a huge graphical downgrade *cough* Watchdogs *cough*.

All of the trailer was created using in game assets, so what we see is more than likely what we’ll get. I didn’t expect a Fallout game to be so colourful either, the environments and visuals looked so vivid and completely popped as opposed to it’s predecessor that consisted of a grayscale with washes of green and blue.


It was great to see events before the destruction, I’d love to get to experience what the world was like as an introduction to the game.

I’d like to talk about the trailer for a minute, some good, some bad. There has been a ton of controversy surrounding it and a lot of people are being very negative about the way the game looks visually. Fair enough, it isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing, but that’s not where Bethesda really shines.

The mechanics did seem a little off at first, the way the dog conveyed it’s movements within it’s animations – it all seemed a little sloppy and clunky, it didn’t seem to move naturally within the environment. This is similar to what we may have seen in the likes of Fallout 3 so I can understand people complaining about that aspect.

The models weren’t the best looking and the baby on the bed doesn’t look as natural to me as it may do in other games, to be frank I first thought they were picking a doll out of it’s crib and not a baby.

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 14.23.48

Some of the character models do seem a little rigid, hopefully we’ll be able to take a closer look at E3 to see if this concern is rectified. 

But this is Bethesda, their distinctive graphical style is noticed straight away across the likes of the elder scrolls series and fallout. They proudly showcased the jankyness of Fallout in all it’s glory, that weirdness has always been there. The strange reaction you have with some NPC’s as a user.

I mean, imagine what Fallout 3 would have been like without Vats, the game would have been borderline unplayable, especially in the gun mechanic department. I’m not entirely sure what people were expecting? Personally I feel like the game looks a lot better than I thought it was going too. But high fidelity graphics are not the main reason I played, or am going to be playing Fallout for, although personally I think they done a good job.

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 14.16.03

Fallout 4 looks to expand on the towns and cities it . It looks as though the communities and urban areas are going to be a lot larger in this instalment.

The gameplay itself was the reason why I fell in love with the Fallout series – exploring the setting, interacting with the eccentric characters that roam the wasteland and getting lost in the post apocalyptic surroundings. I didn’t ever expect to go to Fallout for the graphics, animations and mechanics. It something that it’s always kind of stuttered with.


The way colour and lighting is used throughout the trailer really reminded me of Bioshock in some places, specifically in the image above.

Did people really think Bethesda were going to emphasise the way the game looked after never doing that in the past with the likes of Fallout and their elder scrolls series? those games have always been clunky. It’s not like Fallout 3 was a pretty game and it seems there’s a lot of hyperbole about this game, people are already saying it looks like Fallout 3.

I feel like a lot of people who are saying that couldn’t have possibly played Fallout 3 or New Vegas, If you think that this trailer looks like fallout 3 I advise you to pop the game back into your machine, take a quick gander at it, then re-watch the reveal. The beauty of this trailer is that it’s all in game, it isn’t pre-rendered at all.


The lighting effects look absolutely stunning. Hopefully we’ll see live weather effects in Fallout 4.

Fallout has never been a game that has ever cut to insanely beautiful cut scenes, everything has always used in game assets to replicate the story and to present the goings on throughout your journey. Personally I was surprised by the negativity, considering how long we’ve been waiting for the game – which is approaching a decade.

I want a pretty game, but I’d rather a game that is fun, interesting and sucks me in – wouldn’t you agree? I want to get lost in that world, not hung up on what things look like, sure I don’t want it to look awful. But it hasn’t kicked that much of a fuss up with me from what I’ve seen so far. 


What seems to be some kind of fort containing a lick of green paint is guarded by raiders of the wasteland.

Speaking out of total speculation, it looks like we may get to see the world of Fallout before it went to pot, although I don’t think this setting will play a key role in the game. It’d be great to at least see a portion of the setting and experience the game before the bomb inevitably drops, similar to how the introduction played out in fallout 3, where you started as a baby and progressed in age until you were cast out of Vault 101 onto the open plains of the wasteland.

We know very little about the game, no features have been confirmed as of yet, we don’t know anything about the characters we can see within the clip and nothing has yet been revealed. There’s a lot of familiar monsters such as what looks like a Deathclaw and ghouls, there’s also Airships and the iconically recognised Brotherhood of Steel. Bobble heads, Nuka-Cola and other familiar brands are still scattered about the wasteland.


A Death Claw roams the plains for it’s next victim. Argghhh, Death Claws!!

I was quite surprised of how much of it we got to see, especially compared to the kind of reveal trailers that released when Fallout 3 and New Vegas came. Obviously a whole ton of content will be showcased at the E3 press conference. This is going to be a significant game, what we’re going to find out at E3 is presumably when the game is released.

I suspect we’ll see full gameplay and I still have a strong feeling the release date will be imminent and we’ll be playing the game before the year is out. I think Definitively they will have to have a date reveal at the show, my assumption is that they’ll either have a specific date in 2015 if not then a suspected quarter within 2016.


We see a return of many familiar faces – Human, Monster and Robotic. Although they look such much better at next gen.

So the speculation of Fallout 4 coming to the previous generation (PS3/360) is untrue. Which is a great decision from Bethesda, from my point of view. I know a lot of people haven’t made the transition yet, but if a game is being developed solely for next-gen the developers are then able to harness the power of the new machines and aren’t held back by the old consoles, quite frankly if you are that serious about gaming I can’t understand why you’d haven’t made the jump yet.

A few people are confused as to why Bethesda have chosen to open their mouths about the game just a few weeks before E3. Pete Hines is the head of marketing PR at Bethesda and seem like a very smart guy. He and his team would have realised the chance of this game leaking prior to E3 would have been very strong.


A Dog roams the shadows in this brilliantly lit underpass. I really can’t understand the negativity around the visuals of this game.

Announcing Fallout 4 not only allowed Bethesda to own the day, have video game sites go nuts about them, trend on twitter world wide and have their official announcement trailer reach nearly 10 million views in it’s first day, but it created a such a buzz within the gaming community that nearly everyone is going into the expo talking about it beforehand.

I have very high expectations for this game. I seriously cannot wait to see more of it. I can’t wait to step out of Vault 111 and experience this world once again. A few of you may remember the article I wrote about re-visiting Fallout 3 and just how much that game meant to me. It seems like 2015 is shaping up to be one of the finest years for entertainment, especially for me personally.


Vault 101 is a distant memory now as we began out new journey from Vault 111.

Most of the films I grew up with are either being reissued or sequels to those series’ are being released – Mad Max, Jurassic World, Terminator: Genisys and not to forget Star Wars, as well as an announcement of a new Ghostbusters. Not only does it feel like one of the best years for films but for games too – Star Wars: Battlefront, Metal Gear Solid V, Fallout 4 and E3 is still around the corner.


“Lets go, pal”.. Did anyone feel a similar vibe to the Star Wars Ep 7 trailer at this point?

I personally can’t think of a better year, that has appealed to me more, for both mediums. And it’s even better to know the majority of the above is still all to come. So bring on E3 I say and lets potentially see what the rest of this year has in store.

/ CR